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Organic and Free Range Eggs For Sale at Amazing Planet! Farm & Justice Center!

Amazing Planet ! Farm & Justice Center

The new timber-framed farmstand is OPEN. We offer fresh organic produce, eggs, maple syrup and an assortment of value-added products such as bread.

A new cooperative eco-friendly farm and activist center is emerging in southern Vermont, committed to sustainable living and revolutionary change.

We offer a weekend/weekly 'farm stay' at our rental guest house. You can anticipate a deeper connection with the rural landscape, insight into farm life, workshops, festive events, inspiration and creativity in a challenging world.

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We are working to reclaim and restore this historic farm, preserve the rural landscape, integrate new and progressives farming techniques, and create a festive learning atmosphere. We envision an heirloom apple orchard, acres of berry bushes, and a mix of vegetables and farm animals. This is an exciting time to visit, because you will be able to witness and participate in the planning process of an up-and-coming visionary farm. Given the state of the world, people need to be reassured that we can learn to feed ourselves and depend on our friends and neighbors for both necessities and invaluable community spirit. Come and experience the progressive rural culture of Vermont.

• 33 acres, bright fields surrounded by woods.
• Adjacent to the Rock River's best swimming holes.
• Great access to Mt. Snow and Stratton ski resorts and only 10 miles from Brattleboro.

Please call (802) 348-9818 or email for information about Vermont farm rental stays and farm events.

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Amazing Planet ! Farm & Justice Center
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